Things To Avoid When Taking Gabapentin

When taking any kind of medication you need to be careful about what you can and cannot consume after taking them.

It can be really dangerous to have certain substances when in medication as they can have side effects that can be damaging.

Things To Avoid When Taking Gabapentin

You also need to find out the effects of abusing medication and the effects that can have on your body.

Most people might think that increasing a dosage is helping you but the doctor prescribed dosages for a reason, suited specifically to your condition and what you need.

This guide will be going on everything concerning Gabapentin. What you can take with it, what you can eat, drink and consume and most importantly, what is safe and what is not.

You do not want to be putting yourself in any danger when on medication because it is there to help you. Continue reading to find out more information on this topic!

What Is It?

This prescribed medication helps reduce your risk of seizures. It reduces the movement of nerve cells in the brain which actually cause the seizure to happen.

Therefore, this medication is prescribed for basically calming and to make sure that your nerve cells aren’t getting too active.

This can help a range of different people from adults to children aged 3 and above who struggle with partial seizures.

Therefore, this is not something that you only struggle with as an adult but it also affects children too.

This also has a link to shingles for adults. This can be very painful and you come out in a rash.

It is because the chicken pox that you had before laid dormant in a small proportion and has got triggered as you’ve gotten older -mainly due to stress. This medication can also help to reduce the pain in your nerves.

It also helps people who suffer with restless leg syndrome. This also includes more severe circumstances and less so too.

Are There Side Effects?

Whenever anyone takes a different type of medication, there can always be certain side effects that can be less dangerous and more risky!

The most common is an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the medication.

If you have any type of itching or uncomfortable rashes on your body then you need to call your doctor straight away to get yourself checked as it could be a sign of an allergic reaction.

A less common effect that has been brought to light is the differences in moods you have.

It can be very severe if you start to become very down a lot of the time and have Suicidal thoughts. It can also include if you start to feel very anxious or you always feel irritated.

These are all signs of side effects that can have their risks. It is not only these types of behaviors that can be an issue, it can also link to aggressive behaviour and more impulsive moods.

Should You Drink Alcohol On This Medication?

There are certain substances you will not be able to touch when having this medication, and alcohol is one of them.

This is because it can make you a lot more dizzy and sleepy and can affect you in your daily life like driving or working. Okay

Can You Just Stop The Medication?

No! You should never just stop your medication because it can be quite harmful to you.

You need to consult your doctor if you wish to stop your medication because it can cause seizures and can make your condition worse than before.

This is why it is so important to watch your dosages as well because they will be set for exactly what you need

There are also things you won’t be able to do when taking this medication that could also affect your job if you’re someone who lifts heavy things all day or if you drive around doing deliveries.

What About Pregnancy?

There is not enough evidence currently to show whether this medication could cause any harm to the baby.

Therefore, most people would talk to their health advisor about whether this is the safest option for them or whether they could possibly try something that they know will be effective but safe for them

Abuse Of Medication

This is definitely not an addictive medication but every type of medication can be abused in some way by changing the doses.

Most people find that they are upping their doses that have definitely not been approved for any individual and could cause them great harm

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Other Things To Avoid

There are several things you will need to make sure you are avoiding when taking this medication because it is not safe for the overlap.

You will need to stop tablets for anti-depression of a particular kind, because it can interact with it negatively.

You also need to stay away from narcotic pain meds and anaesthetics all together. You don’t want anything to interfere with this medication because it can have really negative effectson your body.


Overall, when taking any type of medication you need to be aware of many things.

You need to properly understand the side effects you might have to deal with, what you have to avoid to keep yourself self and also keeping the dosages appropriate.

It is so important that you keep to the dosage amount because it can have some awful effects that can just make you feel even worse.

Hopefully this guide will help you understand how you should be taking this medication properly and everything you need to know surrounding the topic.

Make sure if you are having any problems, you are talking to your doctor or someone in the health sector to help you understand the medication so you can use it properly and you can know the effects of you abusing the substance.

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