Psoriasis – Can it Be Cured? Treatments and Long Term Effects

Autoimmune problems are when your immune system is basically working against you in a sense. People always ask, can it even be fully cured? There are many issues like these that are quite common nowadays where you can’t fully control them.

Psoriasis - Can it Be Cured? Treatments and Long Term Effects

This article will be covering whether psoriasis is actually curable, what it actually is and different levels of severity.

The particular immune system disease actually speeds up the process of skin cell growth.

What Is Psoriasis?

It is a really frustrating issue because it can be very uncomfortable and sore in places. You can get psoriasis all over your body or only in certain places.

It is more common for people to have scalp issues because it tends to get very dry and the outcome is similar to dandruff.

It also causes inflammation and can also affect other parts of your health due to damage to body tissue.

What Triggers Psoriasis?

It is not actually known what causes psoriasis but it is mainly down to the immune system but can’t pinpoint what.

However, it can not be passed into other people through touch or liquid so there is so need to worry about giving it to anyone else if you are too close.

Stress – if you suffer with a lot of stress in your life, this can be a cause of a break out of psoriasis (see also ‘Best Psoriasis Medication & Other Recommended Treatments’).

There are many different types of techniques that you can carry out to try and soften the triggers and make yourself calmer to avoid them. You also need to focus on stress management.

Physical – if you have anything injured on your skin, this opens an opportunity for the psoriasis to be triggered.

For example, if you have sunburn or bites.

It can also be something as simple as the weather. When the seasons change, it can also affect your skin.

Like other issues like eczema, this can also worsen in certain weather conditions. It all depends on how moist the air is because you need the moisture and not the dry.

What Are The Effects?

What Are The Effects?

Even though this is not considered as something that can kill you, there are rare versions which are so severe that it can threaten your life. This illness is not curable but only treatable and there are ways that you can help your symptoms above.

There are also long term effects that come hand in hand with psoriasis such as:

Heart disease:

Having psoriasis (see also ‘10 Best Creams for Psoriasis Flare-Ups‘) can also cause you to have problems with the blood vessels in your heart in the future. This is a huge worry for many people because it can also cause you to have a stroke.


You could also find that inflammation of joints will occur that can have long term effects on your hands and feet mainly.

You could have the issue of locking your hands and feet regularly and could be in a lot of pain from this if not treated properly.

Mental health:

Mental health is huge in modern society and if taken seriously now by everyone around the world. Psoriasis can also have the long term effect of depression.

In the long term, due to psoriasis leading to disability in the future this can really put someone in a bad place and even thoughts of suicide so they do not have to struggle through this anymore.

What Are The Different Types Of Psoriasis?

There are different types of psoriasis which have different levels of severity. Moreover, some are a lot more rare than others and are less common which tend to be the very severe examples.

Erythrodermic :

This is a less common type of psoriasis which can threaten your life. It can be a struggle with this disease because it can include shedding skin constantly and severe pain from the itching which is not a quality of life situation. Only 2% of people struggle with this.


This is more common among people who have psoriasis but is less severe than others.

You can have red and itchy spots where it may get quite dry but you should be able to control these issues more easily.


This is the most common type within the psoriasis community. This is where scarlet plaques can be formed.

They are extremely itchy and most people will try to pick them or scratch them off which can lead to hair loss depending where you suffer from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Psoriasis Be Cured Permanently?

There’s no cure for psoriasis. But treatment can help you feel better. You may need topical, oral, or body-wide (systemic) treatments.

Even if you have severe psoriasis, there are good ways to manage your flare-ups.22 Jun 2021

Does Psoriasis Have Long Term Effects?

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that can be lifelong, and erythrodermic psoriasis may be life-threatening.

The condition may also be linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke, depression, and certain types of arthritis.

Symptoms include inflamed, dry skin, rash, and silvery scales.29 Jun 2021


Overall, if you are someone who suffers with psoriasis and we’re worried about trying to cure this, unfortunately you are unable to.

But in modern society, medication has come a long way. There are many different types of medication you can take now to make your life more comfortable and to think less about the itching and the discomfort.

Hopefully this guide has given you a good insight about all the different types of psoriasis and the effects they have on the body, this also including long term effects that can follow in the future.

If you feel as though this is something you are struggling with, go and see your doctors and get any itching or redness spots looked at.

The sooner you get these things checked, the sooner you will get to know the problem that’s there.

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