Kidney Disease and Your Vision Risks and Symptoms

Kidney disease is nothing that is rare in society but do people know the extent of the symptoms and risks that could follow from having this?

This guide will be outlining all information about Kidney disease itself and can it affect your vision? The risks and symptoms will also be a larger part of this piece where you will learn all about what to expect.

Kidney Disease and Your Vision Risks and Symptoms

What Are The Issues With Kidney Disease?

You are definitely more likely to struggle with your sight in the long term if you suffer with either kidney failure or kidney disease. This can also be a symptom if you have extremely high blood pressure or diabetes.

Sight Issues For People Using Dialysis

If you are also in dialysis because of kidney disease you might also have these symptoms. You might have dry and red, itchy eyes.

If you are starting the feel these types of feelings around your eyes then it could be down to an issue with your blinking.

It is also very common for calcium to be in the eye that can cause some discomfort and irritation.

Therefore, it is a good idea to try and control the amount of calcium inside your body.

You might also want to start using drops in the eye to try and bring more moisture and to avoid the dryness and itchiness.

You might also be struggling with glaucoma. This is where there is a build up of fluids inside the eye which struggle to make its way out.

This can put pressure on the eye and can prevent the flow of oxygen needed.

Therefore, you want to avoid any nerves in your eyes getting damaged because this can lead to long term sight issues.

How To Know?

How To Know?

The best way to see what sort of issues you are having with your eyes is to have an examination.

The eye doctor or doctor will be looking for certain things that are common symptoms of eye issues.

Many things they tend to look out for is blurry vision on a more common basis, pain in the eye which can be one or the other or both.

You can also start to experience flashing lights or areas which seem darker. This is the start of having issues with your eyes.

There are ways to try and keep your eyes as well as they can be. If you are able to control your blood pressure more, there will be less pressure on the eyes which will reduce the stress it causes. This is also from both your kidney and eyes!

There are medicines that you can take but it is always good to keep up your exercise.

When your body is healthy then you have less to worry about in this situation. It might also be a good idea to stop smoking because this causes greater harm and risks for you that can be avoided.

You also need to be keeping a good eye on how much medicine you are taking. The right amount will have the best outcomes.

However, if you start taking too much because you think it’ll work better this is not the case.

It is important to follow dosage rules because it keeps you safe. If you take too much it can make you unwell, adding to the stress you already have.

Catching It Early

Like anything, catching it early is very important because less permanent damage has been done.

The longer you leave something to irritate you, the more pain you will have to experience in the long run.

For many people, it can be difficult to admit that you have health problems, but you need to go and see a doctor about any symptoms you might have so you can avoid issues such as vision loss.

Therefore, you need to be having an appropriate amount of visits yearly to the opticians to make sure they can keep an up to date version on what is happening in your eyes and with the doctors, your body.

Tips For Avoidance

There are different ways you can avoid these severe risks and symptoms from happening to you.

By keeping yourself healthy and keeping your body healthy, this also links to your mental health as well with your motivation.

  • you need to make sure that your diet is working with you, not against you. You don’t want to be putting things in your body that may cause you problems. There are many different options for recipes online now that will suit what you need to add to your diet to improve it.
  • You also need to make sure that you are keeping as fit as you can. This does not mean becoming a professional runner. However, you can keep up with weekly exercise to keep all of your muscles moving and make sure you get all the fresh air you need. With a mixture of a good diet and exercise, you are already halfway there.
  • There are other factors that affect your health like drinking and smoking which increase your blood pressure. There are many ways to help you to stop nowadays including patches and fake cigarettes to mimic the action. Most people definitely feel better for it!


Overall, it is really important to look after your health! If you look after what is going inside of you, your body will look after you.

This is also linked to the issue of vision with kidney disease. Even though it is a common side effect, there are several ways that you can reduce the risk of early sight loss.

This can be improved by medication but also a lot from yourself and how you live your life.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the effects of kidney disease and how there are side effects to these issues that can be a real struggle.

However, these tips should help make you a healthier person and also making it less likely to suffer from this.

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