Gout Crystals: What Are They and Can They Be Removed?

Most people have probably never even heard of gout problems, but it can be a very severe condition that can lead to you having kidney issues in the future.

What even are Gout crystals? They are formed from a build up of too much Utica acid in the blood.

Gout Crystals: What Are They and Can They Be Removed?

The acid will actually crystallize between joints which can be extremely painful and cause much discomfort.

Now you know what they are, the main question is how can you remove them and does it have to be done medically or naturally? The next part will be covering why they occur and how you can remove them.

What Are They In Full?

Gout crystals are made of something that is already in your bloodstream. However, the problem occurs when it’s crystallized.

When we eat, we take in many vitamins and other things our body needs. One of these is purines that we have in our food that helps with our DNA.

These purines are mainly found in meats and when eaten will break down in Uric acids. Your kidneys are there to dispose of unwanted substances like uric acid.

However, if there is an overload of this build up then there will be too much to break down and dispose of and it could crystallize.

Crystals forming – if you have weakened kidneys then this could be an issue due to the kidneys being the source of disposal of uric acid.

You might also need to take a look at how you’re living.

This includes: what you eat, drink, how much you exercise and your day to day life. For example, if you are someone who drinks a lot of alcohol or eat large amounts of red meats, this contains a lot of purines that might overload the kidneys and will be difficult to dispose of.

What Symptoms Might You Get?

One major symptoms you might feel will be in your joints. This is where the build up of uric acid will crystallize and will cause most of the effects.

You might only feel it in a particular place but it can also happen across your body.

You might also be able to see the symptoms where lumps may be formed which doesn’t seem alarming due to them not being painful or irritating.

However, these need to be sorted out else it could cause long term joint issues.

Most people have heard of kidney stones which are very painful. This is another symptom that can be very uncomfortable.

There are certain ways you might be feeling such as, mentally exhausted and your body is tired.

Most Common Places

Like most issues with the body, they tend to take effect in more specific places that can be the most uncomfortable.

Therefore, the most common areas that are affected are: the wrists, knees, elbows, fingers and feet.

These are where all of the small joints are that will be affected. Therefore, if you feel like your small joints don’t feel right or you are experiencing pain, you should always get it checked out.

How Do You Know You Have This?

How Do You Know You Have This?

It will definitely be a process to recognise whether this is what you are actually experiencing. You need to go and see a doctor so they can determine whether you have a build up of uric acid in your bloodstream.

They can also look at your joint fluid which can be extracted from the joint. This will also give a good idea of what is going on in your body.

Can It Be Treated?

There are different steps you must take when treating this issue. You first want to try and ease some of that discomfort where the inflammation is.

You can have anti-inflammatory drugs which can either be over the counter or your doctors might prescribe you something stronger.

Colchicine also looks at removing some of that pain as well!

Medication is also something that is looked at by your doctors because they need to determine how severe your issue is.

There are different levels of medication they can offer and it needs to be right for you.

Doctors will not only try and give you medication though. They want this to be a long term change of lifestyle.

Downswing on the issue, your doctors might explain how changing your diet and how much alcohol you drink will really improve your situation and reduce this issue.

This can be really difficult for many people who may love red meats and drinking but it is all for your health and to stop having to go through such a struggle with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can gout deposits be removed?

A doctor may recommend surgery if symptoms get worse, large gout crystal deposits form, treatment no longer helps, or infection occurs.

There are three surgical options that can either restore function to the joint, remove deposits, immobilize a joint, or reduce pain.21 Dec 2021


Overall, you really don’t want to be making your situation worse by not eating the best food and drinking the best drink for you.

Sometimes you need to look at how you can make things better as well as the medication.

It is always so important to check your body to see whether you have any visible sign of gout crystal symptoms or whether it is more of a feeling you are having in your smaller joints.

Never be afraid to get yourself to the doctors if something isn’t feeling right. That will be the best way to solve your problem, get the best medication to avoid inflammation and pain.

Hopefully this guide has given a good scope view of how this issue can be a real problem for some people’s lives.

The information should reflect everything about gout crystals and help you see if you are the one actually suffering with the issue.

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