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General Rescue Starter Pack

A General Rescue Starter Pack includes
  1. One Alpha Nutrition Program Book
  2. One 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF

The general starter pack is helpful to everyone who needs help solving food related illness. Many do not have a specific diagnosis but know or suspect they have food related problems and need help with diet revision. For example, the general starter pack is recommend to anyone with digestive problems, chronic headaches, rhinitis, sinusitis, who feels sick all over, but does not have a specific diagnosis.

You can try the Alpha ENF formula, evaluate its effects and and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problem. We want you to try the formula before you decide to order a larger quantity. If you decide to go on a food holiday, for example, you will need a minimum of 4 jars of Alpha ENF 1000 grams.

This starter pack is suggested for all food-related illnesses, food intolerance, chemical sensitivity, "sick all over syndrome," migraine headaches, chronic cystitis, nephritis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and chronic cough. If your condition is not covered by other starter packs, then order the general starter pack. The first section of the Alpha Nutrition Program discusses the range of health problems that respond to diet revision.

After reading the program instructions, you can decide what track of diet revision is most suitable, order more formula and get busy solving your health problems. The general starter pack does not include supplementary texts. You may want to read further on related topics.

The 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF represents 10 servings ( about one meal of nutrient value per serving). Alpha ENF is included so that you can try it and decide if you want to use the formula on a daily basis. If yes, you order a larger quantity. Special Savings when you order online.

Order General Starter Pack

The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision. The program is nutritional therapy, a personal technology of health restoration and health maintenance.

Starter Packs bundle the Alpha Nutrition Program, with other books and formulas to help you get started solving your health problems. The starter packs are sold at discounts to make it easier and affordable for you to learn more and try our nutrient formulas.

Alpha Nutrition ® is a registered trademark and a division of Environmed Research Inc., Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada. In business since 1984. Online since 1995. Alpha Nutrition Products and services are ordered at Alpha Online. All communication about orders is done by email.

Persona Digital  publishes a series of books for download from Alpha Online.


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