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Phase 1 Foods

Phase 1 is the foundation for your meal planning and kitchen practice for years to come. Although the food list in Phase 1 may seem limited, give your imagination free reign to create tasty, healthy meals and snacks. Rice becomes an important staple food. In Asian cuisines rice is served with each meal and is sometimes the only food available.

In Thai cuisine, for example, each person is routinely served white rice on a plate and is then free to choose from a variety of vegetable, fruit, poultry, meat and fish dishes displayed on the table, spooning his or her choices onto the bed of rice. Individual dishes tend to be eaten one at a time in sequence. In Chinese cuisine mixed vegetables with added fish, poultry, or meat are combined with sauces and garnishes as single dishes. Rice vermicelli and rice noodles can be used instead of rice. A clear soup with noodles, vegetables, and spices is an Asian staple.

Breakfast is often the most difficult meal to develop with Phase 1 foods. Common breakfasts have been deleted from our food lists. Breakfast is often a fast-food meal, eaten on the run.

The best breakfast meals involve "real food" in the morning. If you follow the medium to slow tracks, you will use Alpha ENF with fruit juice in the morning for some time and may not need to consider breakfast foods, except for rice cakes and fruit as a snack. Even on the fast track, Alpha ENF has proved to be a convenient breakfast for many. It is the ultimate in safe, fast food. Alpha ENF can be mixed with fruit or vegetable juices in the blender to make a pleasant morning drink.

Other people are more robust or work physically and need a big breakfast. Better breakfast meals involve "real food" in the morning. Rice flakes (ground rice) can be cooked into a smooth creamy cereal; add peach slices and vanilla to create a sweet version, or add vegetables and herbs to create a savory version.

A bowl of cooked rice with 2-3 vegetables (e.g. carrots, peas, green beans) is a plain but nourishing breakfast. Breakfast can be leftovers from the previous evening's dinner, warmed in the microwave. Why not have soup, salad, or stew in the morning? The soup or stew pot simmering on the fire is a centuries-old cooking tradition and has probably provided routine nutrition since cooking was invented.

Phase 1 Food List

  1. Alpha DMX
  2. Rice cakes
  3. Alpha ENF
  4. Rice cereal
  5. Rice Dream
  6. Basil
  7. Rice flour
  8. Broccoli
  9. Rice noodles
  10. Canola Oil
  11. Rice, cooked
  12. Carrots
  13. Rosemary
  14. Chicken
  15. Green beans
  16. Olive oil
  17. Squash
  18. Oregano
  19. Sweet potatoes
  20. Parsley
  21. Thyme
  22. Peaches
  23. Turkey
  24. Pears
  25. Yams
  26. Peas
  27. Zucchini

Alpha Nutrition Cooking expands the Program's meal planning and nutritional advice into a cook book with a difference. Your kitchen is treated as a laboratory where you create recipes that create health rather than disease. Unlike other cook books, only safe foods are chosen for recipes and your learn to prepare meals that will not provoke symptoms and aggravate disease conditions. The recipes are gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free and follow a progressive path from Phase 1 foods ( a strict hypoallergenic diet) to a more expanded food list in Phase 3.

Alpha Nutrition Program The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision.

The Program uses Nutrient Formulas. Alpha ENF is the principle meal replacement formula. Alpha PMX is a fat free version of Alpha ENF can be used as food replacement. Alpha DMX is used instead of of Alpha ENF for diabetes 2 and whenever reduced caloric intake is desirable.

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