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    When you are diagnosed with diabetes 2, do not try to hold on to old habits. They made you ill. You have to change your food choices. You need to lose weight and exercise; 20 minutes per day of walking and resistance exercises that makes muscles work work will correct many metabolic abnormalities, reducing the risk and the negative consequences of diabetes.

    This starter pack has three essential tools for managing diabetes

    1. Up to date, reliable Information in the book, Managing Diabetes 2.
    2. The Alpha Nutrition Program guides you toward a healthier diet.
    3. Alpha DMX, a nutrient formula that solves nutritional problems.

    The Alpha Nutrition Program

    The premise of the Alpha Nutrition Program is that each person will have a best fit of safe, nourishing foods and nutrient supplements that permit a long and healthy life. The idea of a “normal diet” suitable for everyone is flawed. Your best fit diet is likely to be different from other people’s best fit. Even close relatives will be different. A better idea is that a small selection of best foods may serve the needs of a whole family, but beyond this “core diet” individual differences will become all important in the determination of who does well, who does poorly, and who develops a disease.

    A molecular stream flows through the body, interacts with DNA-determined metabolic machinery and decides the biological fate of the individual. If there is a mismatch between the incoming molecular stream and the ability of the metabolic processes to derive sustained, coherent meaning from it, then dysfunction and disease results.

    To succeed, you will understand and learn to cope with food cravings, compulsive eating and the emotional issues that surround diet change. You avoid eating foods that commonly drive compulsive eating patterns. You establish a new container of safe-eating practice and learn how to retreat and recover if you "fall-off- the-wagon” In the best case, you are a well organized and intelligent diabetic, gathering information and learning how to better cope with the disease.

    Alpha DMX is a bottle full of nutrients. Technically, it is an elemental nutrient formula designed for partial meal replacement. Alpha DMX boost your nutrient intake while you reduce your food and calorie intake. Alpha DMX is formulated to boost the intake of nutrients that have a demonstrated benefit in preventing and/or reducing the negative consequences of diabetes.

    Self -Help: Proper diet is explained in enough detail in the Alpha Nutrition Program that a well-motivated person can follow the steps outlined without additional help.

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    Alpha Education books refer to theAlpha Nutrition Program a comprehensive method of diet revision.

    Managing Diabetes byStephen Gislason MD is a self-help book explains how to manage diabetes. The book offers the good news that the impending disasters are optional if eating and living conditions are changed correctly. Newly diagnosed diabetics should act to design a new diet with increased physical activity.  2018 Edition 170 Pages

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